Sunday , 21 December 2014
  • Alfa Romeo Cars

    Alfa Romeo Cars

    On the BBC TV show “Top Gear”, Jeremy Clarkson famously said that “You can’t be a real petrol head unless you have owned an Alfa.”  What many don’t know, is that this most Italian of automobile marques actually has French ... more »
  • Audi Cars

    Audi Cars

    Audi is a maker of cars and motorcycles. The company has 7 production plants throughout the world, and it currently produces sports cars, sedans & sport utility vehicles. Volkswagen owns the German car company, & today’s popular car models include ... more »

Popular Car Brands 'B' to 'J'

  • Opel Cars

    Opel Cars

    Opel can trace their roots back to 1862, when Adam Opel set up the company in Russelsheim, Germany. They originally made sewing machines before moving on to bicycles. The first Opel car was the 1899, Lutzmann which was the first automobile available ... more »
  • Peugeot Cars

    Peugeot Cars

    Peugeot is one of the world’s oldest car makers. The company has been making everything from bikes to coffee grinders since 1810 & produced their first internal combustion car in 1890. The Peugeot family were based in Sochaux, France, & the ... more »
  • Porsche Cars

    Porsche Cars

    Doctor Ferdinand Porsche set up his company in 1931, to provide design and consultation services to the auto industry. One of his first major clients was the German government who asked him to design a people’s car, or Volkswagen. The resulting car, ... more »
  • Proton Cars

    Proton Cars

    Proton produced their first car in 1983, and has since gone on to export cars to over fifty countries worldwide. The Malaysian government wanted to jump start the auto industry in the country, and funded Proton to manufacture and sell rebadged ... more »
  • Range Rover Cars

    Range Rover Cars

    Ranger Rover’s story begins with the original Rover bicycle company founded in 1878. The company was the creator of the modern design of bicycles, as we know them today, with the Rover Safety Bicycle of 1885. The word “rover” is ... more »
  • Rolls-Royce Cars

    Rolls-Royce Cars

    When Charles Rolls and Henry Royce set up shop in 1904, the goal was a simple one, to build the finest cars available.  Since then, the Rolls-Royce name has gone on to become synonymous with luxury and style the world ... more »
  • Rover Cars

    Rover Cars

    Like many car companies, Rover started out as a bike maker. Formed in 1848, the Coventry based company started manufacturing cars in 1904. This was also the year they adopted their iconic badge featuring a Viking long ship. Rover assisted the British ... more »

Popular Car Brands 'S' to 'T'

  • Toyota Cars
  • Suzuki Cars
  • Subaru Cars
  • Ssangyong Cars
  • Smart Cars
  • Skoda Cars
  • SEAT Cars
  • Saab Cars
  • Volkswagen Cars (VW)

    Volkswagen Cars (VW)

    Volkswagen Cars were first created in 1937 as part of the Nazi-run German Labour Front. The idea for the project came about in 1933 when Adolf Hitler called for the production of a vehicle that could hold 2 adults and 3 kids comfortably ... more »
  • Volvo Cars

    Volvo Cars

    The name Volvo was derived from a Latin verb, and the name translates to, “I roll.” The first Volvo vehicles rolled off the assembly line in 1928 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since the decades after World War II, the Volvo brand moved beyond Europe ... more »
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